Thursday, September 28, 2006

The Billy Lab Report. By Jack Daniels Robbins

Hi, it’s me, Jack!
Yep, Jack! The dog. I like dirt.Do you have food?

My Mom is at work. Work gives you money. To buy food! Lots and lots of food! I love food. My Nana has been giving me food this week. And not just crunchy food, the slurpy gooey kind of food, too. She’s nice.

But Mom said I should tell you my tummy is doing good. Wait… I mean, well. (We’re working on my grammar.) I like dirt! Did I tell you that?

They took out a big part of my intestine. Which is part of your guts. And guts are gross- I like gross stuff- like the possum I played with one time! He was gross- sticky and kind of smelly. That was cool.

OK, I have to go dig now. ‘Cause I like dirt! And rocks, too. But now when I pick up a rock everyone starts fussing and going “NO, JACK, NO!”

What’s wrong with rocks?

Licky-face for everyone!

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Erin said...

Perhaps Jack needs to go to Doggy Day Care. One of my friends has a large American Bulldog with EXTREME separation anxiety... as in he ripped up their entire kitchen floor while they were at a Jags game... he is a wonderful, sweet loving dog- as long as they're home. He basically needs constant supervision! So maybe Jack just cant be alone; I know that sucks. I don't know how expensive Doggie Day Care is... I don't think Jack would be very happy in a crate all day. Another GREAT option is to muzzle him. Kat (Rick's brother's wife) & Alan have a doggie who is very very destructive when they leave. So they started muzzling him; he wasn't fond of it, but he got used to it. And they didn't have to keep him locked up all the time. There's a couple options; I'm sure there's more! Keep reading around, you'll find something.