Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Another Edition of Funny Husbands Rock!

Last night, Husband and I caught a few minutes of the SMU/Tulsa game on ESPN2. OK, so he actually saw a few minutes of the game. I just half-listened while trying to get comfy in the bed. That spawned this conversation.

Me: Why are they playing on a Tuesday night? That’s weird!

Husband: SMU would play on a Monday morning if they could get on national television.

Me: Oh.

Husband: Tulsa’s mascot is a Golden Hurricane. It cracks me up that a team from a land-locked state picked a hurricane, a tropical weather system, as its mascot.

Me: Really? A hurricane? It’s Oklahoma- where the wind comes rushing down the plains. Not where the wind comes blowing in off the coast.

Husband: Exactly!

Me: They should be like… the Tulsa Tumbleweeds.

Husband: Yeah, ‘cause those are intimidating. Tumbleweeds inspire fear.

Me: You don’t know! Those things could be very prickly!

Husband: The Tulsa Tornadoes would be good.

Me: Or the Tulsa Rabid Prairie Dogs. Now THAT’S scary!

Husband: (laughing) Yes, yes, it is.

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