Friday, June 22, 2007

Damn Husband with his stupid logic...

Email to Husband:
I want her!!!

Husband's Reply:
What are you doing on this unapproved website? Get back to work! ;)

Silly Husband!
I am not that easily diverted!

Ummmm...Not trying to point out the obvious, but we are about to have another baby running around the house. Not to mention the cat and nearly 200 lbs of dog. We might already be at full capacity. Maybe.

Full capacity? I think not.
Besides, I am just trying to restore order and balance to our home. We have
two of us, we have two dogs, we plan to have two kids... we need TWO CATS.
See? Give it up- duality is ingrained in our Western way of thinking.
Resistance is futile.

But we don't have two kids yet. You see MBM (that's my-baby-momma), this duality that you yearn for is a process. An ongoing transition. We can't expect to achieve it immediately. Be patient, Grasshopper. One day you will find the duality you seek.


Anonymous said...

Greetings, tis Middle Sister. Full capacity? Bah! We're up to 2 large dogs, 2 cats, and we haven't even started the baby process yet. And our house is a shoebox. Trust me; it's fine! You need Peanut. She is too sweet!

Lawyer Mama said...

That's an adorable kitty! I'm all for going with your gut, logic be damned!