Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Scenes from an Ultrasound

Ultrasound Tech: “She is just NOT going to hold still and let me get a profile picture.”
That’s my girl!

Tech Again: “Woah…little thunder thighs on this one!”
That’s DEFINITELY my girl!

Blogosphere, Vivi Mae would like to wave hello. See her "fingeras" as the ultrasound tech labeled them?

20 week anatomy scan went very well. She has a small chorioplexus cyst in the right side of her brain, but we’re told that A) they’re very common and normally resolve by 28 weeks and B) we already know she doesn’t have Down’s Syndrome, so it’s really nothing to worry about at all. She flipped and waved and kicked and generally put on a show for her grandparents. Her Daddy and I got weepy, as usual. I’m about a week past the time in the pregnancy when I delivered Cecilia. I guess that makes me the most pregnant I’ve ever been. Cecilia was so small that I didn’t feel a lot of what I’m feeling now. It’s amazing how different this pregnancy has been. And hey- bonus! My cervix is nice and long and closed up tight. After the damage from Cecilia's delivery, that was a huge relief.

Mom & Dad were here for the weekend and I got an early birthday present. ALL HAIL THE SNOOGLI PREGNANCY PILLOW! If I could bend over comfortably, I would have kissed my Mom's feet for this one... I wonder if Husband would consider changing her name to Snoogli Mae?

In other non-baby-related news....
I hope Michael Vick winds up in a cell with a 400 lb. sociopath who was recently recruited by a PETA jailhouse program. That bastard deserves to have a set of jumper cables attached to his balls... and the other end attached to a Mack truck. If the NFL doesn't hit him with a lifetime ban, I will personally burn every piece of franchised logo-bearing clothing in a three-state radius. Disgusting. Absolutely disgusting.

Anyone seen "The Pick-Up Artist" on VH1? I do not understand this show. I do not understand this "Mystery" guy. Well, wait... that's not right. I do not understand why in the hell so many women seem ready to drop their panties for this guy. Uh... let's see... you're an obviously 30-something guy who wears more eyeliner than I do and you call yourself Mystery.....yeah, you just REEK of relationship potential. I don't even understand wanting to sleep with him- he looks weasely and unemployed. Not exactly the type I'd trust put any part of his in any part of mine. Maybe that's a sign I'm getting old. I just want to call him Harold and tell him to cut his hair and get a legitimate job. What's worse is how he's teaching these poor regular guys all his "techniques". They seemed like pretty good fellas to begin with. And do they really want the kind of women who respond to Mystery's crap? Vapid is as vapid does, I suppose. Yeah, I'm old.


ccw said...

Congratulations on the great ultrasound. I was always so happy to get to this u/s.

There was a long letter in our newspaper yesterday from some Fox Sports idiot about how we should have compassion for Michael Vick. I about threw up. It went on to say that Michael Vick deserves to earn a living after prison and the NFL should not keep him from playing football. I agree that he should be able to earn a living but McDonald's is always hiring. Seriously, electrocute a dog be allowed to earn millions.

I have watched The Pickup Artist. It's a horrible show but I can't turn away. Mystery and his wing men turn me off. I do not understand their appeal at all. His techniques seem dowright cheesy and I am amazed that they seem to work. I just want to scream, "He's wearing f*cking goggles on his head!"

Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog. I have added you to my blog roll.

Lady Liberal said...

LOL! Husband is troubled by the goggles, too. That's the one thing he just can't get past...
Thanks for adding me to your blog roll... I'd put you on mine, but I don't have one b/c I am not technologically proficient enough to make it happen. (Believe me- I've tried!)
I've been a long-time lurker on your blog. Not-so-Baby H's commentaries on the world have made me laugh in the middle of many an unfunny day! :) My favorite was when she "reccomended" you get her some juice...

Ollie said...

Her widdle fingers are too cute! I wish you many more happy milestones to come.

..and I completely agree about Michael Prick. I saw some reader letters on the Atlanta paper where more people than I would have expected defended him. They claimed he shouldn't be banned from NFL because other athletes were allowed to return after their misdemeanors, and after all, he APOLOGIZED. It made me want to pummel each one of them. He only apologized after being busted wide open. In the beginning he denied it. And also, apologies aren't going to help those dogs. Not to mention, this was more than a misdemeanor. Freaking morons. Auugh! I needed that rant.

Lawyer Mama said...

Great news about the u/s. CONGRATS!

I agree about Michael Vick. Unfortunately I live in the land where all things Vick are revered as if they are gods. Ugh.