Friday, December 28, 2007

(Insert dull hum here...)

Can't write.

No words.

So tired.

Must blog.

Here... very very very awake baby cutness...


klasieprof said...

When I was childless, I worked doubles all the time at the Mental Institution.
When I was a new mom, I coped, by telling myself if I could do it for the clients in 'the home'...I could certainly do it for my own kid.
I calculated how much I made every overtime shift. It helped me to figure that my child was worth it.

Hoping you find small ways to cope. You don't have to do it ALL month long..just the next hour, and maybe the next.

Thinking of you. ..and you do know...SLEEP when she sleeps right?
My thing was, baby would go to sleep, and I'd lie awake wondering how long the baby was going to sleep, or FEAR that I wouldn't get to sleep. Oh man...I remember...

Aye Davanita said...

See what happens when I don't read you for a few weeks? You go off and have a baby. Congratulations to you and your husband! She is beautiful.