Wednesday, January 23, 2008

WARNING: May Induce Diabetic Coma

I know, right?

Could you not just eat her cheeks with a side of chocolate sauce?

Just went back to work- more on that later.

She's still cluster feeding and not sleeping longer than 2 hours at night. More on that later as well.

But I leave you with a Funny Husband moment.

Scene: 12:30 a.m., our living room...Baby Girl has been agitated and screaming since 9:00. Mama has just handed her off to Daddy ten minutes ago.

Me: Is she SLEEPING for you? Just like that?

Husband: (in a desperate stage whisper) go!.... save yourself!..... just don't forget me........


ccw said...

Those cheeks! She is beautiful.

Save yourself is right. Any chance you see to leave her in the care of someone you trust so that you may have a nap or a moment without a baby attached to you - take it!

Mieke said...