Friday, September 05, 2008

Sorry Mom- I say fuck a lot in this one...

Dearest Republicans:
Watched parts of your convention- loved the gratuitious shots of Palin’s uber cute littlest daughter. ‘Cause you know…she has lots to do with Palin’s fitness to govern.

But seriously, I can’t decide whether to go with fury or awe.
One one hand, I’m furious. I’m furious and insulted that you put this party-line-robot in lip liner on your ticket and don’t even bother to veil the fact that you’re positively pandering to the “woman vote”. This woman voter finds it disgusting since the woman you chose supports policies that are so inherently anti-woman and anti-family, she might as well be… oh, yeah, W! So she has a vagina from whence came five kids. All that tells me is that she’s at least open to pretending to be heterosexual and she’s not barren. It doesn’t mean she cares about me or what my family needs and it damn sure doesn’t mean she’s good for this country. Her absolute and complete lack of federal level experience, much less global awareness is appalling. Her devotion to a party that has continually disenfranchised her gender and children like her youngest son is repulsive. Her anti-choice pro-death penalty platform is hypocritical. Her stated policies and her record are so far right-wing-fuck-the-environment-and-working-poor-get-more-money-in-rich-people's-pockets-and-you-better-be-holy-white-Christians, she's making me wish Falwell was still alive to be on the ticket. She is not a thinking woman’s woman. And it’s positively insulting that you pass her off as such.

I’m also in awe- at the sheer chutzpah it took to nominate her. And the absolute Orwellian mind control it must take to have party members INSISTING that her experience as mayor of a tiny city and short time as governor of a far-flung-sparsely-populated state can compare with, nay, is BETTER than a man with state and federal level senatorial experience, an education in constitutional law, and extensive hands-on exposure to global issues. Never mind your gal only left the country for the first time last year, she’s ready for tea with Putin! Never mind she’s made questionable use of her power, gobbled up extensive federal resources for the aforementioned sparsely populated state, and doesn't want anyone talking about condoms. No, she’s the kind of big ideas thinker who can handle the complexities of governing what is (at least for now) still the most powerful country on earth. Good God… the vehement way your supporters cling to her despite all logic and reason… not since Charles Manson have we seen this kind of mind fuck.

But what gets me most of all, RNC, is your presentation of her as a family and family values candidate. To put it politely, fuck that shit. The woman had a special needs child, returned to office THREE DAYS LATER and then proceeded to drag a near-newborn out on the campaign trail. For either mom OR dad to do so, that ain’t good parenting. And how about poor Bristol? Being a pregnant teenager is hard enough, but she's going to accept this nomination and let the poor girl live out that struggle under national media scrutiny? And she's encouraging her to marry the baby’s father- Mom would like her to make TWO mistakes? For appearances? For her career? Those are not my kind of family values, lady. But what should I expect from someone campaigning along side a man who lets his wife raise children alone while he pursues his career thousands of miles away and doesn’t even return to care for her personally after a stroke. Don’t cry family values to me while your candidates mistreat their own families and crush funding for programs that would help families without your privilege and resources.

Seriously. Fury and awe.
Fuck off.
A Raging Liberal Pissed Off Mama Just Waiting for November

P.S.- Big apologies to Mom for extensive use of the word fuck. Sorry, Ma. Situation warranted it. See? Family values!


ATL Erin said...

Yay! I was wondering when the Palin blog would come. I seriously hate this fembot. You should add her to the arsenic cupcake list behind Ann Coulter and Meredith Viera!.

Lynnie said...

Thanks so much for including the article by Tim Wise. I don't "get out much" to read all the great editorials, so I hadn't seen this one, and its excellent. Great points.