Friday, September 05, 2008

Genius Child

We haven’t baby-proofed our house much, trying instead to teach Vivi boundaries and to let her explore any place it’s relatively safe. When she crawled towards something off limits, we’d both taken to saying “Vivi… noooooo”. It seemed she understood, because she would stop and change course, leaving the forbidden fireplace/cat/shoes/chainsaw alone. Husband and I applauded her (and ourselves) for reaching the developmental milestone “understands the word no” quite a bit ahead of schedule. Such a smart and obedient baby, we said! And (silently to ourselves) such superior parenting!

Children have a way of teaching you humility.

Vivi still understands no. But apparently free will has entered into the equation. Case in point:

Vivi crawls towards shoes.
Mommy: “Vivi…noooooo.”
Vivi: (stops, thinks, parrots back) “Nooooo…..” *big grin*
Vivi places SHOE IN HER MOUTH.

I’ve been all over BabyCenter and I can’t seem to find which month includes the developmental milestone “flips Mommy the metaphorical bird”.

I’m certain my child is way ahead of schedule on this one, too.

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