Thursday, October 02, 2008

Hello? Anyone home?

Sorry for the down time. Vivi hasn't beeen sleeping well. OK, so that's an understatement. My child is obviously an operative for the CIA because I don't know where else she could have learned to use sleep deprivation tactics so effectively. She's been up almost every hour every night for the last two weeks. I am a walking experiment in human endurance. Take THAT, David Blaine, you candy-ass mofo!

But here... have something funny and politically relevant. It will help to pass the time and it also makes you look less nuts for sitting at your desk laughing to yourself. (You know... if you needed that kind of help... not that anyone I know does... right.)


Lynnie said...

Oh My God, that is totally hilarious!!!!!! (Though I shudder to think it actually might not be that far off from the truth).

ccw said...

That is so funny!!! I love the gibberish remark.

One can only hope (or not) that Sarah Palin has been through one serious debate boot camp so that she doesn't make a complete ass of herself. I'm not voting for her but I hate to think that her incompetence could make some people think twice about women in a major political role.

So, so sorry about the sleep issues. That is the worst when it returns. I wish I could tell you it will be the last phase of this problem.

Hoping you get some rest!