Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Evil at home and abroad...

This makes me so sad. And so angry.
I mean… truly… what kind of evil has to be in someone’s heart to kill BUDDHIST MONKS protesting peacefully? Monks- a group of people who truly believe and live a doctrine of non-violence.
I imagine it’s the same kind of evil that prompts someone to shoot Amish schoolchildren. But that was just one man- we can comfort ourselves with that- just one man with a questionable grip on his own sanity.
This is a government. A GROUP of people who cannot possibly have any motive to shoot these monks who have taken to the street to protest for rights and liberties they believe to be in the best interest of others. No possible motive except for the hateful greedy desire to oppress and overpower.
I think to myself- shame on them. Shame on their cold hard evil hearts.
And then I think to myself about our government. And our leaders. Our wealthy, privileged nation…whose freely elected leader just vetoed an opportunity to provide healthcare to children. A nation that pays contractors who use violence to make money at the expense of vulnerable civilians in a war-torn country. A country whose leaders preach "family values", but will rip a family apart on technicalities created by their own muddy bureaucracies.
And I am ashamed.


Lawyer Mama said...

OH my god! I hadn't seen that story. That's horrible! And that right wing Mark Krikorian totally missed the point. He goes on and one about how we shouldn't be giving asylum to "law breakers" when the article was quite clear that the wife IS here LEGALLY. What a moron.

Lawyer Mama said...

And I'm secretly hoping that the Krikorian guy regularly Googles himself and will find my comment.

Hee hee

Lady Liberal said...

I know, right? And that same Krikorian guy probably drives around with a "Support Our Troops" sticker on his car.
I think what irks me most about this one is that both the soldier and his wife may have come here illegally at first, but they were CHILDREN at the time and had no choice. Both have, as adults, done everything they can to be come legal residents.