Friday, February 29, 2008

Just call me Lady Hussein Liberal!

The Momocrats, in their infinite wisdom, have started Just Call Me Hussein Day in response to fools like Bill Cunningham who is obviously still seven years old.
See, seems some of the conservative pundits having not been able to find any LEGIT way to discredit Obama and being incapable of debating him on the merits of his policies, have begun referring to him as B. Hussein Obama or Barack Hussein Obama.
Now, to most of us, the slimy tactics here are clear. The only Hussein known to the average American (the ones watching E! for their "news") is Saddam. They're aiming for a subconscious connection and a manipulation of the average American through what amounts to (at best) junior high psychology. It's insulting. It's disgusting. And it's underhanded.
Personally, I find this amusing. Because nothing says "holy shit, we're in big trouble- 'cause even the people we think are stupid are catching on" like resorting to something like this. And because, as the Momocrats put it, bitch is the new black, I am declaring myself a Hussein today. I hope you will too. Visit the Momocrats site and catch yourself a fancy new button for your blog and join up with Obama as an honorary Hussein!
Oh, and I'm supposed to tell you an embarrassing story about someone making fun of my name. My name is pretty benign. My maiden name is a little unusual and hard to pronounce, but doesn't easily rhyme with anything kids would seize upon. But my initials? LG or LRG more specifically. You can only imagine what kids did with that and you can only imagine what that does to the body image of an already overly-self-conscious pubescent girl. 'Nuff said.
Happy Just Call Me Hussein Day!


alyce hussein rocco said...

I am rather slow on making name connections (the initials?). I worked with a young man named Kermit. I resisted the impulse to mention green frogs, having been teased about my name my entire life. (I will be doing the meme, but a quick look: contrary, lambs and virgin).

One day Kermit and I got to talking about his unusual name after another co-worker made the latest crack. He thanked me, because he said I was the only person he had met who did not mention green frogs. I love frogs and green is my fav color, btw.

Lady Liberal said...

LRG or LG- the abbreviation for large... :O Got worse when it became apparent that I had been abundantly blessed in the bosom department! LOL
Poor Kermit.. I'd imagine he got the point of a sarcastic "Gee... how droll... I hadn't heard that before!"
Hopefully others learned from your kind example. :)