Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Denial- it ain't just for Egypt.

A few days ago, my daughter WAVED HELLO AT HER FATHER. And she’s been waving ever since- at me, at the baby in the mirror, at the grocery store clerk, at the pediatrician…..
Of course, I’ve been all *hands over eyes* “LA LA LA!! What? I didn’t see anything? No, I did not see my tiny tiny BABY wave! Silly you, she’s just a little bitty BABY- she can’t do that or sit up all by herself or say haaaaay Dad-dee when her father comes in the room or play peek-a-boo or …. LA LA LA STILL NOT BELIEVING YOU!!”

Self, meet reality.
Reality, self.

I can’t take it, Blogites. I truly can’t. I swear to you I’d put the kid back in the womb if I could… ok, so maybe not. But I’d surely have stopped the clock around 3 months. At least for a little while. I would certainly not have a twenty-pound eight-month-old with a four word vocabulary who gets up on all fours and rocks in a manner that suggests she might crawl at any second. And I certainly wouldn’t let my kid get so big for her britches that she asks for “nuh-nuh” while simultaneously pulling up my shirt.

I am fragile these days. Sleep deprivation and employment uncertainty will do that to a gal. So you’ll understand why I cannot possibly entertain any thought in which my child grows up and no longer has sweet baby milk breath or neck rolls.


Mom-o said...

So how do you think I feel. MY baby girl is writing about HER baby girl! Tempus fugit, my darling daughter.

klasieprof said...

oh my. I know the feeling. My youngest Knarly brat Joy, because I was busy wiping out my life savings to stay home and homeschool for a couple years, nursed on and off till about..well..I won't say lest you judge me.
NURSE MOMMA NURSE!! Yah...time for that boobage stuff to stop.
Motherhood hon, is like being on a moving sidewalk, with glass doors closing behind major event like waving, the doors close behind you..and you move forward.
Try teaching her some simple signs (sign language), and you will be AMAXED at how much she'll communicate with you!!
Damn she is CUTE!!!

ccw said...

Waving, one of the best things after the smiling begins.

They grow up too fast. My baby will be 13 next month; impossible.