Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Well, color me shocked!

Seems UF was once again named, essentially, the country's largest permanent kegger.

What cracks me up about the article is the caption on the photo stating the students are holding "a multi-person drinking apparatus known as a beer bong".

Can't you just imagine some poor young staff writer trying to figure out a reasonably intelligent way of describing a giant drinking cup fashioned from a 5-gallon bucket and duct tape? Even if you're working for CNN, it can't bode well for your career when the words "apparatus" and "beer bong" appear in your copy.

But I'm running with it. From this point hence, my margarita glasses and blender shall be referred to as my "external dual-component tequila delivery system".

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klasieprof said...

loving it!!

Ok..so my wine bottles..."Individual enjoyment muscle relaxer components, with state of the art cork retainer", nipple optional. Reidel stemware available for better dispensing distribution.