Thursday, July 10, 2008

Inappropriate, Inc.

Recent Phone Conversation with a Friend Regarding her GYN Appointment:

Her: Is it wrong of me that I took some pleasure in the fact that, after looking at my business, the nurse says “oh… I need to get a smaller speculum…”

Me: Hell no! I’d be all like “yeah, you do! ‘cause my petite dainty ladylike va-jay-jay needs it!”

Another Conversation (this one with a co-worker about a sad, sad, failing project):

Her: There are just… no words.

Me: And that it is why God gave us cocktails- for when there are no words.

And yet another workplace conversation (actually about a flashlight during a power outage- really, I promise):

Co-worker: Wally’s got the big one!

Wally: That’s not the first time I’ve heard that… heh heh…

Just another day at work… cocktails, big ones, and itty bitty vaginas…

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ccw said...


It's funny and sad about the things that happen at the GYN that make us feel good.